Buying your dream home in the state of Illinois can be an exciting experience for the entire family. From finding the right communities for all of your family members to deciding which homes fit your family best, there is so much to look forward to during your house shopping ventures. However, before you and everyone involved close the deal, here is a list of what not to do when shopping for a home in Illinois.

  1. Ignore future property taxes that will be increased based on your purchase price

The laws of each state in the U.S. can vary from state to state. Therefore, when you are buying a new home, you need to be familiar with these laws prior to purchasing a home for your family. For instance, in the state of Illinois, your future property taxes are subject to increase based on your purchase price. Therefore, you need to be prepared for extra expenses that could easily be considered as hidden home ownership fees.

  1. Not assessing the Illinois homes “green” features. Heating and cooling can cost you a fortune.

For most people, going green initiatives is considered to be all good for the environment and the people that live in these communities. Even though this may be true, for homeowners these standards can lead to very costly expenses. For instance, when you are buying your new home, you should always take into consideration the cost of updating your heat and cooling systems to green standards. The cost of these updates can easily cost you a fortune that you may not for see if not taken into account during the buying process.

  1. Forget to check flood zone map, even if you are not next to the water

Even though your home may fit all of your personal criteria for buying your new home, you should not forget to add other factors of considerations. In fact, before you make the final decision, you should check the flood zone map, even if you are not next to the water. For instance, is the new home in a high risk of flooding? This is information that you must know before buying this kind of property. You can find all flood zone areas through sources like FEMA.

  1. Not order a home inspection.

Even if your dream Illinois homes look perfect to you on the inside and the outside, you can still run into lots of issues that may not be visible to the eye. In fact, you should always remember to request an inspection of the new prospective home by a trained professional in the industry. The money that you invest in these inspections is well worth it, particularly since they can reveal severe problems in the following:

-interior and exterior plumbing problems

– electrical systems problems heating and air conditioning systems

– cracks in the foundation

  1. Start looking for homes before finding the right agent

Looking for a new home to buy usually takes time and effort to find the perfect place for your family to live in. Therefore, if you are limited in time and want to make the best decision possible, you should pay close attention to how you start your search. For instance, you need to find the right real estate agent from the start of your search. By contacting an agent from the start, they can help to steer you in the best direction for your family’s needs.